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The Auto Lensmeter is a high precision digital optical equipment that accurately measures the distance and angle between two objects by using only two laser beams. This sophisticated laser technology helps to measure the distance between the object and the camera or any other lens system, which can be utilized for various purposes. Latam Optical featured Auto Lensmeters are specifically designed to meet the needs of many different optical businesses.

The device can also be used to make sure lenses are mounted correctly within a pair glasses and is also used during the eyewear making process to orient and mark lenses that have yet to be cut. An auto lensometer or automatic lensmeter offers technology advances to help speed up the process. Additionally, some of today’s automatic lensmeters can also check the prescriptions of bifocal/progressive lenses, evaluate contact lenses, and analyze lenses for UV protective properties

Latam Optical’ s Genesis Automatic Lensmeter Series offers the latest technology in optical lens measurement and detection, offering quick and easy operation for a wide range of needs in the optical industry. The automatic detection of lens design, an accurate measurement of the lens power, and versatile features make it the most advanced automatic lensmeter systems available today.

Types of Digital Lensmeter or Autolensmeter

Latam Optical offer options for every optical business need:

Genesis DL-1: this auto lensmeter combines innovative technology with ease-of-use features including progressive lens measurement, a large color LCD monitor, a green light reading beam that enhances measurement precision and a new UV measuring device.

Genesis DL-2: is the quickest reading speed lensmeter on the market! With an impressive 220 reading points. Reading is extremely easy, especially on progressive and freeform lenses! Also includes Blur Light transmittance test.

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