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Our business alliances have grown stronger over time thanks to our solid business integrity. Today, major ophthalmic and optical equipment manufacturers have trusted us as a reliable optical equipment company for their distribution projects in US and Latin America. We respond to that trust by ensuring product availability and an excellent after-sales service. Our vision is to serve the optical market throughout the supply chain. For this, we have a team of professionals who have prepared a well balanced portfolio of optical and ophthalmic equipment together with 24-hours delivery service.

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Automatic Edger Kit Genesis LE-3.0

The new Genesis LE 3.0 is the ideal choice as a first automatic edger for both its affordability and ease of use. Its set of benefits will exceed your expectations thanks to the extraordinary technological advances for its segment.

Digital Lensmeter DL-1

Thanks to its excellent price/quality relation, the Digital Lensmeter Génesis DL-1 is one of the best options the optical market can offer.

Digital Lensmeter DL-2

DL-2 is the quickest reading speed lensmeter on the market! With an impressive 220 reading points. Reading is extremely easy, especially on progressive and freeform lenses!

Digital Pupilometer DP-1

The GENESIS PD-1 Pupilometer is a practical and versatile precision instrument.

Manual Drilling machine DM-1.0

Built with the best available materials on the market, this potent and effective manual drilling machine Genesis DM-1.0 will speed up the lenses drilling process.

Manual Lensmeter External Reading/No Prism LM-1

Manual Lensmeter External Reading/No Prism LM-1

Semi Automatic Edger Genesis LE-1.0

The third generation of one of the best-selling edgers in Latin America now comes with an improvement in electronics and materials.