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Autorefractor Keratometer Wavefront RK-2

The GEN RK-2 Autorefractometer and Keratometer is an instrument that has all the measurement functions of a 3rd generation equipment. It has a high quality modern design, with smooth movements for greater comfort, with a motorized chin rest and thermal printer. It also has Wavefront technology - Peripheral Keratometry, with the ability to generate Zernike Map.

Digital Lensmeter DL-2

DL-2 is the quickest reading speed lensmeter on the market! With an impressive 220 reading points. Reading is extremely easy, especially on progressive and freeform lenses!

Digital Pupilometer PD-1

The GENESIS PD-1 Pupilometer is a practical and versatile precision instrument.

Fully Automated Autorefractometer Genesis RK-3

Total automation in your refraction office. Your patients will immediately perceive this touch of distinction and state-of-the-art technology in your practice. Exclusive design and high precision results powered by Wavefront Tech.

OCUFY® System | Mobile Phone Slit Lamp Adapter

  Save thousands of dollars by replacing the conventional slit-lamp cameras   Make your life easier using your mobile phone Anyplace   Share your records with your colleagues in a video call