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Automatic Edger Kit Genesis LE-3.0

The new Genesis LE 3.0 is the ideal choice as a first automatic edger for both its affordability and ease of use. Its set of benefits will exceed your expectations thanks to the extraordinary technological advances for its segment.

Autorefractor Keratometer Wavefront RK-2

In addition to sharing all the properties of the Génesis RK-1, this model goes one step beyond in terms of technology, functionality, design, and comfort. Thanks to its advanced features, it has all the measurement functions of a 3rd generation equipment.  

Chart Projector/ Led Lighting CP-1

Chart Projector/ Led Lighting CP-1

Chart Projector/ Led Lighting CP-2


Thanks to its delicate design, without sacrificing connectivity and a complete menu of optotypes, this instrument is an excellent option to create a modern refraction system in your office.

Compatible with Genesis Series 2 equipment.

Digital Lensmeter DL-1

Thanks to its excellent price/quality relation, the Digital Lensmeter Génesis DL-1 is one of the best options the optical market can offer.

Digital Lensmeter DL-2

DL-2 is the quickest reading speed lensmeter on the market! With an impressive 220 reading points. Reading is extremely easy, especially on progressive and freeform lenses!

Digital Phoropter DR-2

Optimize the time and quality of your work, as well as improve the patient’s experience. The latest technology in visual acuity testing.

Digital Pupilometer DP-1

The GENESIS PD-1 Pupilometer is a practical and versatile precision instrument.

Fully Automated Autorefractometer Genesis RK-3

Total automation in your refraction office. Your patients will immediately perceive this touch of distinction and state-of-the-art technology in your practice. Exclusive design and high precision results powered by Wavefront Tech.