New packaging with FF Certification (Ready toFree Form)

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Due to the advancement of new technologies and increased penetration of Free Form equipments in the global optical market, Majestic has decided to add to its packaging, the “Ready to Free Form” mark in those lenses wich its diameter apply for this technology.Thus, the brand confirms that its lenses complies with the quality standards for Free Form processing, including the regularity of its curves. The results? Fabrication times are substantially reduced with virtually no back orders.

Every Majestic “Ready to Free Form” lens available in a wide range of materials such as CR1.499 and High Index 1.56, 1.67 and 1.74

New labels will be delivered to the USA and Latinamerican markets in a few weeks.

As usual, Certificates of Authenticity and Guaranteed Quality are available with your orders of
Majestic High Index, Smart Tx, Photo and Polarized.


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