OCUFY® System | Mobile Phone Slit Lamp Adapter

  Save thousands of dollars by replacing the conventional slit-lamp cameras
  Make your life easier using your mobile phone Anyplace
  Share your records with your colleagues in a video call

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OCUFY® System for Slit Lamps digitalization .

OCUFY® is an exclusive digitization system for ophthalmologists. The system is adaptable to all designs and models of slit lamps and smartphones. It features a number of benefits that include: reduced operating times, cutting digitization costs, increased compliance and quicker processing times.

When installing this device, it works as just one more accessory of the equipment, which allows you to visualize and examine the patient normally. You do not need to spend time setting up or adjusting anything in order to screen your patient.

This is a product that is compatible with iPhone and Android’s operating systems.

Includes 2 magnetic plates for each OCUFY® device.

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Make your life easier and more social

Start using your smartphone to take awesome photos and videos and share them with your colleagues.


OCUFY can be adapted to any model of slit lamps and microscopes, which means that it can be used with a wide variety of equipment. This makes it a very versatile and useful tool for ophthalmologists and other medical professionals who use slit lamps and microscopes in their work.

Unobstructed Workflow

Its innovative system allows the OCUFY adapter not to occupy the eyepiece. The professional can observe the patient. He can rotate the phone and record the images he wants when taking photos or making a video, thanks to the patented hinge mechanism.

OCUFY System Black with cellphone

Saving money

The main benefit of the Slit Lamp Adapter is that they are much cheaper than conventional slit lamp cameras. Doctors can save thousands of dollars by using these adapters instead of buying new cameras.

Be Social

OCUFY slit lamp adapter for iPhone allows you to record images and share them instantly with other professionals. This can be beneficial for consultation and collaboration purposes.

A High-Quality, Simple, and Fast to install Ophthalmology System

High Quality Materials

The system is made of high quality materials with resistance and RoHS certification.

Installation Kit

It contains an installation kit and an explanatory video that is displayed through a QR code.

Fast Installation

Its installation is simple and fast. In less than 5 minutes the ophthalmologist can already be using it.

Trusted by 1032+ Doctors who are working in an easy and more shareable way