Get to know Majestic Antiage Lens Technology. A bit of history behind infrared filtering lenses

Coinciding with the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Japan suddenly began the invasion of the Philippines.

“I shall return (I will return!)”. These were the last words of the supreme commander of the Allied Forces in the Philippines, Douglas MacArthur, when leaving the islands.

Now, you may wonder: what do these military actions have to do with milestones in the history of optics?

The answer is that under the name of “Operation King Two”, on October 20, 1944, on the day known as A-Day, General MacArthur “returned” and did so wearing a golden frame with two dark green glass lenses.

Although those lenses had already been patented in 1937 as safety glasses, assuring the filtering of infrared and ultraviolet rays for the aviators of the US Navy, it is from the publication of this picture (the landing in the Philippines) that made this model glasses in one of the most popular to this day.

Today, new technologies look for a try to protect the eye from all harmful radiation starting from transparent lenses for daily use.

The best option available today is the Majestic Antiage HD.

What are Majestic Antiage HD Lenses? 

Majestic Antiage HD is the first technology that filters infrared IR radiation, which is responsible for the photothermic effect that increases the evaporation of the tear causing less sharpness and loss of focus and discomfort. It also helps in delaying the aging of the skin around your eyes. It also guarantees total protection against the harmful effects of the sun, artificial lighting, and the screens of digital devices.

Properties of Majestic Antiage HD

The following are the properties of one of the most advanced lenses available.

  • Absolute Protection

One of the most attractive properties of Majestic Antiage HD is that it offers full protection: 100% protection from the UVB and UBA rays. Plus, it also cuts the most harmful blues-violets from the visible HEV spectrum, 420 by absorption (by mass).

In addition to this, the Majestic lenses also filter infrared radiation between 780nm and 1200nm, by reflection.

  • Thinner, Lighter, Stronger, Clearer Eyeglasses

Compared to other lens materials of the same refractive index, the exceptionally high Abbe number means minimal chromatic aberration in the visual periphery and an ideal balance of properties such as impact resistance and thermal resistance. A balanced combination of high refractive index, high Abbe number, low specific gravity (Abbe Number νe=41 / Heat Distortion Temp. 118ºC)

Just like PC lenses, Majestic Antiage 1.60 MR-8 material has successfully passed ANSI Z87.1-2015 High Impact Prescription Lens Material Qualification test from Colts Laboratories.

  • Spherical and Atoric Design:

The atoric design of Majestic Antiage HD provides a significantly wider field of perfectly clear vision and consistently offers optical performance superior to conventional lens designs over a wide range of lens powers.

  • Scratch and Dirt-Proof

Coated with world-class technology AR treatment, provides free of dirt, super-hydrophobic features, water droplets repelling, and freedom from micro-cleaning stripes.

Benefits of Majestic Antiage HD

Whether you’re an optician who’s planning to add the latest technology lenses to your store for your customers or an individual who’s looking for the best lenses, the Majestic Antiage HD lenses are great. They have many benefits including the following.

Aesthetics + Comfort + Prevention

In addition to its high refractive index, high Abbe number and low specific gravity,   Majestic Antiage HD lenses reduce the negative effects of Infrared Radiation on the collagen around the eyes, leading to the delay of the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, their anti-reflective coating

Easily Fits in Any Frame

One of the best benefits of these popular lenses is that they can be made into any kind of eyeglasses, ranging from the latest bifocals to popular rimless eyeglasses

Bottom Line

More than 70% of the sunglasses and lenses currently on the market do not filter infrared radiation, and Majestic Antiage HD technology is known for a lot of its unique properties and outstanding benefits.  These lenses are a must-have for your optical business since it is a great differentiator and shows value wherever you look.

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