Eye Vision test: A window to our soul (and health)

Nowadays everyone is being reminded of how important it is to have good eye health and, in this field, a vision eye test is becoming a more common way to look after our visual health..

More than 50 per cent of sight loss could be prevented, so getting your eyes tested is now the homework that we have to do in order to help prevent, or limit, the damage caused by certain eye conditions. We all can do this at home, following these steps and check our entire family’s vision, but remember: this is not a substitute for a complete medical exam by a licenced optometrist.

Why are regular eye examinations important?

● Having your vision corrected can improve the quality of your day-to-day life.
● They will also help detect certain eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, which could lead you to sight loss in the short time.
● Poor vision could be a risk factor for falls.
● Vision eye tests for children are also vital to make sure that any visual problems such as squint, lazy eye (amblyopia) or short-sightedness (myopia) are detected and treated.

What would happen if we don’t apply for an eye vision test on time?

Did you know that many people first learn that the have really serious eye health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer from – yes, you guessed it – an eye vision test?

And it’s because our eyes have been called throughout the time as “the window to our soul”. But, what does it mean? It turns out, they also are often a very effective window to our overall health.

The main reason why is because during an appropriate eye vision test, your doctor can get to know the health and condition of your eye and prevent the development of several diseases such as myopia, which is becoming epidemic, and glaucoma.

Of all serious eye diseases, glaucoma is probably the sneakiest. That’s because there are no discernable symptoms in most cases of early glaucoma — nothing to alert you that something’s going wrong.

And now, are you ready to save the date for an eye vision test, on time?

Just For Eye Care Professionals (ECPs)

This is where the TCP-1 tabletop refraction system comes into action. In difficult times where social distancing and saving spaces are the hot topics, this equipment is a precision optical instrument for accurate subjective refraction.

The TCP-1 provides different charts such as a regular chart (E chart, C chart, Number chart and children chart); a polarized chart that have all turned to red-green chart; a reg-green balance and red-green polarized chart that can be adjusted to fit reg-green lenses of the Phoropter.

What about saving space? In times of taking care of our health, distance is very important for us, that’s why the TCP-1 is the most space-saving refraction unit for convenient use that comes with a infrared, WIFI and bluetooth remote control that will help you with a more avant-garde experience. But the best part of it is its compact appearance and sophisticated design due to its phoropter that lifts up and down automatically, improving by this your professional eye testing feeling and value.

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